Friday, June 18, 2010

Tropical Party

Our tropical party was so much fun and we had a wonderful surprise - our friend Selene Kempton of 411 fame was able to join us. 
Barbara's house was decorated with tropical theme and we all enjoyed our tropical buffet with "lite" rum punch.  Definitely had the feel of Hawaii - notice that everyone had an Hawaiian lei to wear.

This is a picture of our Exotic Chicken Salad -lots of pineapple, grapes and almonds as well as chicken of course.

Selene liked the melon.

Here we are Carol, Claire, Lisa, and Toni enjoying lunch

In this picture Gloria, Jeanne, Gayle, Joanne, and Claire finishing one of the projects.

Sylvia, Lisa, and Toni are on the sun porch working on a tropical card. 

Barbara hurrying to get a needed supply with Gayle working hard on her project.
That's Judy P. in the background cleaning up scraps while Priscilla hovers over one of her projects - that's Gloria, Judy S., and Claire working hard on one of the tropical card projects.


Looks like Joanne, Claire and Gayle like the project they are completing

Toni and Dawn working hard.

Lisa and Selene posing nicely for our photographer.

Carol, Jeanne, Gloria and Judy S. making the third tropical card.

Here Barbara is helping Carol, Jeanne, and Gayle make the tropical goody bag to be filled with the Ghiredelli chocolates.

Toni working hard on one of her tropical cards                                                                                                                              

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  1. Great party. You two did a wonderful job. And you even ordered beautiful weather to sit outside and eat a yummy lunch. It was a delight to meet Selene and listen to her Stampin' Up stories.